Impromptu Senior Portrait Session at Neiman Marcus

Living in Orlando and missing TeXaS, We went to Neiman Marcus for a senior makeover.  

Headed to Neiman's for a cosmetic transformation!

She's a natural beauty!

We were promptly referred to Maria and introduced to the cosmetics of Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier.

Maria did a wonderful job bringing out her features and making her look flawless! I was nearly in tears once her work was complete. Thank you, Maria! Maria may be found on Instagram at glamourby_maria.

Here is her After!

Since we have a camera and new makeup, why not take some pictures in Neimans!

We absolutely loved the butterflies that hung over the escalators!

We couldn't agree on a dress, but this shot turned out nice.

Become one with the art.

Time for a break!

We took a few more pictures as we exited the store!

We found a wonderful spot right outside NM!

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